Server Accident

Posted on: June 10, 2007

There was an accident, and the last 6 months of data got unintentionally deleted from the server. Since I run my own web servers, and did not properly back things up (have learned my lesson), I have lost the last 6 months of posts to this blog. I am going to attempt to reconstruct some of them, so apologizes ahead of time for the large amount of activity that might be going on here.


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Alla Zollers

I design products and services that just. make. sense.

When products make sense, customers are happy.

If customer are happy, they sign-up, stay on site, engage, share, and buy your product or service.

Happy customers allow companies to profit in both senses of the word.

I provide the following services:

• Heuristic Evaluations
• Discovery Research
• Strategy and Vision Development
• Information Architecture
• User Experience Design
• Usability Testing

You can find me on:

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