a business of my own

Posted on: November 12, 2010

While sitting at your desk at work, have you ever had that restless feeling? The feeling that work has gotten stale, that the status quo is a chaffing? I often get this feeling about 6 months into a full-time job, and I have always thought there was something wrong with me. No one else seems to chafe, squirm, feel discomfort, why me?

What I recently discovered is that there is nothing wrong me, but that I am actually an entrepreneur (perhaps a bit of a late blooming one).  I am not content to be a cog in a wheel, a worker on the line, a resource.

I have not been able to find the type of company that supports my entrepreneurial spirit, so over the next few years I will design my own company. I will create a new kind of company, one for which I would want to work. I have given this a lot of thought lately, and although I am unsure about a lot of things, here are few values that I know will be present in my company:

  • Collaboration – there is no such thing as “this is not my job”, and no discipline, role or skill takes precedence over another. We need them ALL to be successful. We respect each other and all work together to ensure quality and success. The operative word is WE, we fail or succeed as a team.
  • Sustainability – the company will not be growth driven, we do not strive for perpetual expansion, consumption, more, more more. The goal is to pay a small team a fair wage, work on interesting projects, and support personal growth.
  • Quality – quality in the work and team members. Taking care of each individual’s needs so that they are inspired to produce quality work (not just crank out deliverables like factory workers). Quality takes precedence over speed, quantity, and money.
  • Inspiring Environment – In order to be creative and produce quality work, it is important to expose oneself to new contexts, ideas, and activities. The company will actively encourage play, working with different mediums to activate different brain centers, and support exposure to outside sources of inspiration.
  • Giving Back – Everyone will undertake their own career journey, be nourished and supported. They are also expected to share back anything they have learned to both the company and the greater community. You always learn more by teaching.



1 Response to "a business of my own"

HI Alla,
I get the same 6-monthly squeems…
glad to hear too that I am not the only one!
I like your principles…great company vision

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Alla Zollers

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