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Weapon #2: Catchy Headlines

Last lesson you learned how to get inspired and nail down your focus. Now learn to reel-in your audience with a great headline.

The headline is so important because on average, 80% of people read the headline and only 20% read what comes next.

So casting out a proposal with a hook will catch you much more acceptances!

Step 1: Begin with a great headline starter

Creating catchy headlines is hard, here are some tried and tested headline starters used by top copywriters:

  • How To …
  • Are you…?
  • Why you…
  • Top Ten…
  • 7 proven..
  • Should you…?
  • Do you…?
  • Learn to…
  • Discover…
  • The secret of…
  • What you need to know about…

Did you notice how I combined two headline starters to create the title for this blog series?

Okay, now its your turn!

Step 2: Write Multiple Headlines

Write 3 – 5 different headlines for your proposal.

Why you might ask?

Because your first attempt will probably be mediocre, and just like in design you can iterate and make it better.

After each headline, look at it and ask yourself, “How can I improve this? Does it respond to my audience’s needs?”

You can try appealing to your audience in several ways, consider:

  • Asking a question
  • Promising secret knowledge
  • Talking to specific pain point
  • Warning of loss

When writing your headlines, use a different starter and approach every time.

So if you first headline attempt stated “How to ..” your next should ask a question and the third could promise secret knowledge.

You will be amazed how quickly you are able to iterate to a truly catchy headline that will get your proposal noticed!

Tomorrow we will wrap up your proposal by improving its readability, stay tuned!


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